SIIDS 2018

4/Oct/2018, 21h, Barreirinha Bar Café, Funchal

Sound Synthesis / Machine Listening / Electroacoustic / Embodied

Marcin Pietruszewski – /siv/

The work spans out from my ongoing artistic research practice focused on reinterpretation and dramatisation of a historical sound synthesis technique called pulsar synthesis [Roads and de Campo] . Featuring novel digital instrument design and machine listening techniques seamlessly integrated with a sieve algorithm as first introduced by Iannis Xenakis, the work probes the material, symbolic and conceptual aspects of the synthetic medium.

Bio: Marcin Pietruszewski is a researcher and composer of computer music based in Edinburgh. He has collaborated extensively  – e.g., Curtis Roads (nuPG), Marcus Schmickler (Demos) and Florian Hecker (Normification, FAVN) and presented his works internationally at CTM/Transmediale Festival, ICA in London, IMMA in Dublin and MUMUTH in Graz. He works across performance, multimedia installation and radio productions probing the dynamics between formalism of synthetic sound and its material realisation.


Daniel James Ross – King Canute: Eat Your Heart Out!

This piece is an electroacoustic performance controlled by the Myo, a muscle-sensing device worn on the arm. The piece uses sonification of the body and gestural-controlled audio sample manipulations to create a contemporary answer to King Canute’s attempts at turning back the tide. Its original performance was scheduled at high tide on the beach as part of the Whitstable Biennial 2018. The sea had definitely changed direction by the end of my performance. King Canute, eat your heart out!

Bio: Daniel is an algorithmic electro-instrumental composer and performer based in London. He is a PhD candidate in composition at Goldsmiths University studying with Patricia Alessandrini, Roger Redgate and Michael Zbyszyński. He has recently had work premièred at the National Museum of Wales, Sounds Like This, and the Brighton Fringe. Daniel has had his music released on Classwar Karaoke, Noizemaschin!!, and NX Records. He improvises using custom built software with the bands Some Some Unicorn, Mega Trio, and Roddart, the latter having reached the finals of the Engine Room International Sound Art Competition 2015. Daniel presents Beethoven Was Wrong and other radio shows on Resonance FM and lectures at Morley College in several music and music technology subjects. Daniel co-organises Noizemaschin!! London (, a monthly experimental music concert series, and runs SEEM ( the south east London experimental music network committed to community music making and programming. Dan teaches music technology-related courses at Goldsmiths, UCA Farnham, and Morley College.


Atau Tanaka – Le Loup, Lifting, Myogram

Three short pieces that look at different ways in which forearm muscle tension can be used to sculpt sound. A sensor system detects the electromyogram (EMG) signal, electrical impulses from the nervous system causing muscle tension, and renders a musical instrument the performer’s own body, allowing him to articulate sound through concentrated gesture.

Le Loup: A single short recorded sample of howling wolves are stretched and transposed, creating a continuous growling.

Lifting : Whistling oscillators are modulated in frequency and amplitude, recalling the classical Theremin.

Myogram: A direct sonification of muscle activity where we hear the neuron impulses of muscle exertion as data. Throughout the piece, the raw data is first heard, then filtered, then excite resonators and filters. This piece was created in collaboration with Miguel Ortiz.

Bio: Atau Tanaka (UK/US) bridges the fields of experimental music, media art, and scientific research in embodied human-computer interaction. He is widely known for his pioneering works for sensor-based instruments and bio-signals, mobile infrastructures, and democratized digital forms. His first inspirations came upon meeting John Cage during his Norton Lectures at Harvard. Atau then studied at CCRMA Stanford, and conducted research in Paris at IRCAM, Centre Pompidou. He formed Sensorband with Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide and then worked in Japan, performing with Merzbow, Otomo, and KK Null. He re-staged Cage’s Variations VII with Matt Wand and :zoviet*france:. His work has been presented at NTT/ICC Tokyo, Ars Electronica, ZKM, Transmediale, Eyebeam, Wood Street Gallery, SFMOMA, and the Southbank Centre, and has had CD releases on labels such as Sub Rosa, Bip-hop, Caipirinha Music, Touch/Ash, Sonoris, Sirr-records. He has been researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris and Artistic Co-Director of STEIM. He is Professor of Media Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London.