* Submissions are now closed *

We are interested in submissions from doctoral students related to connections between sound, image and/or interaction, and the topics of interest listed bellow. SIIDS consists of two tracks: poster and performance. Submissions for both tracks should include a letter of support from the doctoral students’ supervisors with assessment of the current status of the research. All presenters will receive a certificate of attendance.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submissions: 31/July
  • Notification: 7/August
  • Deadline for registration: 7/September
  • Symposium: 4/October

Submission categories

For the poster track, please submit an abstract (200 words maximum) containing:

  • Purpose of the research and its importance to the field
  • Description of the proposed approach

Format: Duration and format of the oral presentations will be announced. Following their presentation, students will receive feedback on their work in progress from established researchers and from other participants.

Poster submission link: [CLOSED].
Please submit letter of support of supervisor (PDF) using the field “Uploads Paper (…)”

For the performance track, please submit:

  • an abstract (100 words maximum) describing the performance and connection to research
  • a list of technical requirements
  • a link to video (ideally) or (at least) audio documentation

Format: Duration of the performance should be between 15 and 25 minutes.

Performance submission link: [CLOSED].

Topics of Interest

  • New interfaces for musical expression
  • Design of digital musical instruments with a visual component
  • Interactive audiovisual composition
  • Interactive audiovisual installations
  • Audiovisual improvisation
  • Audiovisual systems for mobile and web
  • Graphical interfaces for musical instruments
  • The role of notation as graphical representation of music
  • Live visuals for music performance
  • Live coding
  • Interaction design approaches and methods for sound and image
  • Mapping strategies between sound, image and/or interaction
  • Evaluation and user studies of performers
  • Evaluation and user studies of audiences (performance and installation)
  • other related topics


If you have any questions, please email siids [at]